Hi, Welcome!

I'm Brittany, the girl behind the camera!

Wife. Coffee lover. Light Chaser. Adventure seeking. Sunset Watcher.

Proud mama to 4 beautiful kids + my fur baby. Wife to an amazing man, who is my best friend + backbone. I literally wouldn't be where I am today without him! I'm a mom-tog turned Photographer after picking up my first DSLR camera almost 4 years ago, and what a journey its been. ✨

You can typically find me at home hanging with my little people, scheming up my next DIY project I'm going to make my hubby help me with, searching for new recipes to try, cuddling my babies (or trying too) Home is where my heart is.

Photography to Me, Is so Much More than Capturing a Photo; It’s a Journey that Allows Captured Memories to become Treasured Keepsakes. I look forward to chatting with you!

May your day be full of Magic & may you not be too busy to see it. -Author Unknown

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